10 Most Commonly Used Tools For E-Commerce Marketing 

As per some research, by 2020 the global eCommerce economy will cross the $4 trillion mark. Forrester predicts that China alone will reach $1 trillion in total online retail spending by 2019.
The fact tells us that eCommerce Marketing is the thing you need to pay attention, it will help to grow your business. There are various tools available for eCommerce Marketing. The choice of tools depends upon on the type of your business. You should also keep in mind your technical skills and budget, as well as factors like SEO, mobile-friendliness, onsite search, and scalability.

Let us see some of the most used tools for eCommerce Marketing.

Email Marketing – MailerLite

Having known the emails of potential customer is an asset.
The normal active visitor clicking percentage of a Constant Contact email campaign is around 7% (of absolute beneficiaries), though the normal active clicking factor from a tweet is around 0.5%. This implies your multiple times bound to get somebody to click to your site through email than from Twitter.
MailerLite is one of the most used tool for email marketing. It is a very simple email marketing tool for small businesses, but scales well to enterprise levels too. You can create your email campaign, track their results, manage subscribers and unsubscribers, design custom popups and landing pages, and much more with MailerLite very easily. Along with the above features it provides many more feature and it is very simple to use and user friendly. Starting price for MailerLite is about 10$/month. Its free trial version is also available. It’s the ideal solution for non-tech savvy individuals or businesses that want to send regular updates to their list, in an easy yet professional-looking way.


Hotjar is an all in one analytics tool used for tacking the user’s movements on your website. By consolidating both Analysis and Feedback tools, Hotjar gives you the ‘master plan’ of how to improve your site’s client experience and performance/ conversion rates. It provides heat map by tracks the user’s movements such as scrolling, clicking, moving by simply recording the mouse activities. It tells you when the visitor left the page and helps you improve your system. You can see Hotjar as a kind of client testing in which you know how guests are acting so you see how your site is functioning for them.

Google Analytics

Analytics tools use data science to enable you to comprehend what your clients need, why they went to your store in any case, and how you can pull in a greater amount of them. Watching out for these insights is a need.
A free tool overflowing with data, Google Analytics can enable you to improve changes on PPC promotions; upgrade your site and item descriptions, and track customer behavior on your store. Google Analytics is an absolute necessity for any online business. You can likewise set up reports that help you recognize issues or opportunities in real-time.

Social Media Advertising – Buffer

With the transient ascent of social media it’s very vital for each business to have a social media presence (usually on not only one social network site). Dealing with each one of those profiles with the target to acquire more followers or to sell your item/service or increment your image mindfulness is a major thing. You need a tool that help you organise your posts, updates and does social analysis. This is where Buffer comes into picture. Buffer is a social media management tool. It helps to build your audience and grow your brand on social media.
Buffer is the best value-for-money publishing platform for social media management. It allows you to schedule posts and it gives the measurable data, it also covers features like the RSS feed, GIF and video content uploader, image creation, link shortening and tracking.
There’s actually a whole lot more where that came from. You can choose between 3 different team packs or get the ‘awesome’ individual package for a monthly fee of $10. The team packages start their price at $99 per month, all the way to the monthly $399 that covers up to 25 members of your staff and a total of 150 social accounts.

Customer Support – Zendesk

A working customer service is one of the key components of each fruitful commerce business. User experience is a central point that decides if your clients are returning, or will they recommend you to another person. Your client care should be dealt with expertly so when a client has an issue, the mounted force is there to fix it.
Setting it up is no simple task. This is actually where Zendesk acts the hero.
Their pricing begins at 5 $/month per specialist and the bundle covers the majority of your fundamentals. Contingent upon the features you require, you can pick between the Essential, Team, Professional, Enterprise and Elite packages. The most costly and strongest alternative – the Elite – incorporates professional support training and elite support, the entire thing keeps running for 195 $/month per agent. A lot for you? Look at their different bundles spreading over from $19 to $99 every month per agent. Live talk, call center integration by means of VoIP, social messaging integration, multilingual content, custom reports and dashboards – and so on, they have you covered. Everything is stuffed into a very easy to understand and instinctive UI.

Search Engine Optimization – SEOquake

SEOquake is a free plugin for your browser that provides you with organic research data at the click of a button. SEO quake is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera, SEOquake can provide parameters for listings within search engine results. Alongside natural research information, SEOquake gives other helpful tools including a SEO Audit, Keyword Density report, Internal/External Link analysis and even social metrics.
Numerous individuals attempt to discover data out on their rivals by investigating SERPs and figuring out who is positioning where. You search a specific keyword and investigate the outcomes that appear. You at that point get these outcomes and need to physically recover the data for each landing page that appears. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you could get the majority of the analytical information required for each point of landing page or domain straight from the SERP itself. Imagine a scenario where you could evacuate endless hours spent on physically recovering this information all at the click of a button.

E-Commerce Platform – Shopify

There’s a ton of e-commerce platforms out there.
When you’re choosing which one to pick you need to consider things like what sort of sales are you doing, how enormous is you selling volume, shipping subtleties, and so forth. Unfortunately, there’s no all-inclusive “best webshop platform ever” that covers every one of the requirements for each sort of business. As our instrument of decision for this one – we pick Shopify.
Shopify is a ecommerce platform that gives you a chance to start, develop, and deal with a business.
Make and modify an online store.
Sell in numerous spots, including web, mobile, social media, online commercial centers, physical areas, and pop-up shops. Manage items, stock, payments, and shipping. Shopify is totally cloud-based and facilitated, which means you don’t need to stress over upgrading or maintaining software or web servers. This gives you the adaptability to access and maintain your business from anyplace with an internet connection.

Google Ads

To increase brand and product exposure, you can use Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) to create campaigns that drive more loyal customers to your website. With Google Ads, you can target specific audiences based on location or keywords, and you only pay for actual results.
When was the last time you whipped out a telephone directory to look into data on a nearby business? Odds are that huge yellow book doesn’t get much use any longer. Nowadays, you’re bound to find your solution from a fast online pursuit. So are your clients. With 81 percent of buyers directing on the web research before making a buy, having a sound association with Google improves your odds of being found by your next incredible client.
What makes Google Ads extra special is that you don’t have to create the demand – you simply need to satisfy it. Your audience is already looking for your products and keywords.

Increase Product Visibility – Magic Tool

If you are selling a product online then Magic Tool is for you.
All the diligent work you’ve done to direct people to your webshop is squandered on the off chance that you can’t give your guests a proper look at your product. Our suggested tool for doing only that is the Magic Toolbox.
It comes in 6 variations, regardless of whether you need your item pictures to be zoomable high resolution pictures, in a slideshow, in a 360 degree view or to be balanced for that thumb clear on a phone screen.
In case things are not going so well they have a killer customer support and offer a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

Competitor & User Research – SEMrush

SEMRush claims itself as the all-in-one marketing tool. It is definitely a great tool if you’re looking into the analytics of all online marketing including social media, SEO, and PPC.This tool is ground-breaking for contender and promoting research.
When you type in the URL of your domain name, you can view domain analytics through natural and advertising research.
SEMRush examines your content so it can perform better against your rivals.

These tools are gaining popularity because of the variations in functionalities and their user-friendly interface.

10 Most Commonly Used Tools For E-Commerce Marketing
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10 Most Commonly Used Tools For E-Commerce Marketing
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