5 Amazing Tools Every Programmer Should Use!

Every programmer tries to work sharply and efficiently. There are a lot of tools which are used by many programmers. Here are the most useful 5 programming tools every programmer should implement to simplify programming.

1. Codeshare

Codeshare is a must to use tool for every programmer. This tool is very essential for every programmer and new learner. It allows you to share code snippet with your colleagues online and work together to find out the errors in it. Codeshare is also helpful for interviewers to take interviews remotely. Interviewers can set coding tasks for candidates and observe in real-time while interviewing remotely. Teachers can share code samples online with students to teach programming. Codeshare is becoming popular day-by-day due to it’s user-friendly interface.

2. TrackJs

This is one of the best javascript error monitoring tools. It finds out errors in javascript and lets you to fix them. TrackJs supports almost all modern browsers and JavaScript Frameworks. This tool is easy to set up and use. It helps to fix bugs on client side. Documentation provided by this tool is sufficient to get knowledge about working and installation of  TrackJs. TrackJs is the easiest way to get visibility to client side. Bugs can be easily fixed from the provided context. TrackJs provides support for Android browser, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

3. Carbon

This tool helps you to capture beautiful screenshots of your source code, which makes it more interactive and readable. This Carbon tool is easy to use. First of all, import source code of project into Carbon, then customize it  depending  upon themes, background, colours etc. Carbon provides users with the facility to set image as background. After customization, you can tweet a link to your Carbon image or save it directly. Carbon images can be made accessible with the help of tweet button provided in the application.

4. Babel

Babel is a free and open-source javascript compiler. It converts ECMAScript 2015+ codes into backwards compatible JavaScript version which can be run on both old and new browsers. Babel provides different features like polyfills, plugins, presets etc. This tool is composed of plugins. You can use existing plugins or write your own plugins. These plugins can be dynamically generated or can be created with the help of  Babel’s plugin generator.

5. Katacoda

Katakoda is a very interactive  training and learning platform for software developers. It is one of the most important tools for programmers. It enables software developers to create their own training environments which can be customized to match their application requirements. This application provides a step-by-step pathway for creation of   interactive environments as per your needs. This tool provides interactive browser labs, courses and playgrounds. You can select any lab from 300 real world scenarios and start learning without any downloads or configuration. Katacoda reduces efforts to learn new technologies and skills. This tool has user-friendly interface. Users can test drive their products within seconds using live environments.

With the use of these 5 amazing tools, programmers will be able to code more efficiently and effectively.


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