What is Top Online Tool?

Top Online Tool is a website that provides a collection of free online calculators and converters that anyone can use as per requirement. Top Online Tool contains more than 250 online calculators you can use free of charge.

Online calculator – A simple program for any mathematical calculations.

About Us :

We are IT professionals passionate in developing a comprehensive collection of quality calculator tools and to provide a free online calculator for the ease of public use.

On this site, most of the calculators are developed in-house. All calculators are based on familiar formulas or equations from well-known textbooks, such as the Loan Calculator, Electrical calculator, Chemistry, Physics, Maths etc. The results of the mathematical, financial calculators were verified by our team experts. More than 85% of the descriptive information was built in-house by considering the small amount of content from the world-known sources like wikipedia.org. The rest of the contents were developed by our team. Our visitors can access this free, easy and quick calculator tool on the computer, laptop or mobile.

Our Objectives :