Electrical Calculators

What is an Electrical Calculator?

SElectrical Calculator is a calculator which helps you to calculate electrical engineering formulas in a very easy way. Electrical calculator performs electrical conversion between different electrical units of power, current, frequency, and more.

What are advantages of Electrical Calculator?

Electrical Calculator is useful in many ways:


  • There is no need to remember complex formulas as electrical calculator automatically carries out conversions.
  • It is a very useful tool for school and college students, especially in the subjects like electrical engineering, physics, electronics, etc.
  • You can calculate the most important electrical entities like electric current, electric resistance, electric charge. This Electrical Calculator helps you to compute the power consumed by electrical devices. Just enter values and get the results, which makes conversion between different electrical entities very simple.
  • This calculator is easy to use. It does not require manual efforts. All terms and definitions are explained on screen. It has built-in code multipliers and transformer impedance values.
  • This calculator is categorized into different categories like Watts To Amps Calculator, Amps To Volts Calculator, Joules To Volts Calculator, Electricity Bill Calculator, Energy Consumption Calculator, Energy Cost Calculator and many more.
  • If someone is professional in any electro-mechanical profession, then this calculator will definitely help them. It will also help electrical contractors, journeymen, project managers, and estimators better perform their job.
  • No special software is required for using this calculator. Just visit the site and start using this calculator.
  • The time required for calculations is very less. You can just input the values and this calculator will produce the result within very less time. That’s why it is a time saving calculator. Accuracy of the output is also high. Almost all electrical conversions have been covered under Electrical Calculator. Overall, this Electrical Calculator is good in every aspect regarding time, accuracy and simplicity.