Lighting Calculator

While designing your home, you may come across various questions regarding the amount of light required for different rooms. Light requirements for each room may vary from place to place. Calculation of light requirement will certainly help you to come out of your problem.

Online Lighting Calculator

A lighting Calculator is used to calculate lighting levels. It gives you the optimal level of illumination for your home.

Features of Lighting Calculator

  • The lighting Calculator calculates the light required for any space.
  • This calculator is of great help while constructing a new home, due to which you will accurately know the light requirements of your new home.
  • This calculator produces results in the form of Lumens. Lumens represent the actual amount of ambient light coming from a lamp. The higher the Lumens, the more ‘lit up’ a room will be. This calculator will certainly answer your question like “How many Lumens do I need to light up my room?”.
  • For using Lighting Calculator, no software is required to be downloaded. Anyone can start using this calculator by just visiting this site and entering the required values.
  • The time required for calculation is very less. So, we can call this calculator as time-saving rather than time-consuming.
  • The accuracy of the output produced by this calculator is also very high.
  • Lighting calculator is really a very useful tool for everyone.