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We live in a world where online presence is really important no matter what you do. If you have a company, it is expected that you also have a good website where people can get information about your business and what is it that you do. And when you have a website, you have to keep it safe and secure. Especially if you make money off of your website. You want to keep your business trustworthy and to do that you should use website protection tools for companies. You aren’t doing this just for your own good but for the sake of your customers. Hackers are everywhere and they are just waiting for someone to input their card information so they can attack. Something like this could lead to the end of your business and huge debt.


One of the most popular website protection tools for companies is ComodoCwatch. You can use this tool for both websites and online applications protection and that is why so many people love it and use it. To remove malware instantly, this tool uses cloud network technology. This technology allows it to detect and remove malware very fast. This is the thing that will improve the performance of your website while also keeping your website and your customers safe.
Another great thing about this website protection tool is that if something doesn’t seem to be working properly, you can contact customer service at any time. They will always do their best to resolve any problems that you might be having as soon as possible. But if you need a software that can detect suspicious behavior fast, ComodoCwatch is what you need. Using this tool will cost you from $10 to $25 a month, which is not a high price to pay for the security you are getting.



Another great choice of website protection is Sitelock. This website protection tool can both boost your website’s performance and detect threats and attacks on your website instantly. Many business sites built on WordPress use this tool as a form of protection because it works so fast.
How does this tool work? If an attack on your website happens, Sitelock will detect it immediately and protect your website. Once your website is safe again, Sitelock stores this potential threat in a database. What this does is it helps this tool detect this type of an attack if it happens again and protects your website faster and better than the last time. This way you will be safer. To have this amazing tool by your side at all times, you will have to pay between $10 and $50 a month depending on what you want this tool to do for you.

Rapid 7

If you are just getting into the website-protection world, Rapid 7 is the thing for you. Why this one? Well, Rapid 7 has a very easy-to-use interface that many people find to be very helpful in the beginning. Especially because you can customize this tool.
To protect your website, Rapid 7 analyses the traffic on your website thoroughly. To do this it uses cloud-based protection technology and it increases your credibility and protects your endpoints. Endpoints are devices that are connected to the LAN or WAN and accept communications back and forth across the network. So protecting your endpoints is extremely important as well. If this sounds like something you need, have in mind that the price ranges from $22 per year to $2000 per year, depending on what you need Rapid 7 to do for you. You won’t need any types of loans for this tool, but you might have to spare a lot more money than you expected.

Menlo Security

Menlo Scurity

Menlo Security is a very unique website protection tool. What it does is it isolates your online activity in a group of secure browsers and this way provides smooth website functioning. There are many other benefits of using Menlo Security. Menlo Security also removes any risks of malware infections. It also keeps your emails safe from malicious links. This is very important for company owners. You want your email address to be as safe as possible. What Menlo Security has that other website protection tools for companies don’t is the document protection feature. It isolates and opens all the documents and attachments and prevents getting your PC infected this way.
As you can see, Menlo Security does many things for you. It can’t help you reduce your electricity bills, but it helps with keeping your website safe and working. The price of this website protection tool starts at $150 per user per year which is not a bad price at all. That is less than $15 a month.


Sucuri is one of the most affordable website protection tools for companies. It will cost you only $10 a month. Not a big price for what you are getting in return. Sucuri has high-quality security features that protect your website from any possible threats. What Sucuri has that makes it stand out from the crowd is the built-in antivirus and firewall. These two aid Sucuri when it comes to finding viruses and preventing malicious attacks on your website.
Another thing Sucuri can do is detect vulnerable spots on your website. It can do this with the help of DDoS mitigation and WAF. And probably the best feature Sucuri offers is their cloud storage to back up the information on your website. This might not seem as helpful now but it will be later on. This is a tool programmers should use as it is not that expensive. Using Sucuri as a website protecting tool will cost you $200 per year but if you want more than just standard features, you will have to pay more.



If you need a tool that is easy to set up and even easier to use, NetSparker is the tool for you. Due to outstanding security features, NetSparker provides excellent security to its users. This tool scans your software by regularly checking to see if there are any threats. It also sends reports if there are any threats and how it has easily removed those threats.
An excellent feature of this tool is that it allows you to choose which part of your website needs more attention and security protection. This is why people find NetSparker to be the best website protecting tool out there. It works fast and offers this amazing feature. Sure, you won’t have cloud storage to back up your data but NetSparker can help you improve your credibility and your website performance very fast. This is the best tool to protect your website from DDoS attacks and bugs. This is important for those who use payment apps on their websites.
NetSparker is a very pricey website protection tool but for a good reason. If you have only 1 website to keep safe, standard protection will cost you around $5,000. If you want more websites protected, it will cost you more money. For more information, you should visit their website. At least you know their website is safe.

Why is it so important to have a website protection tool?

If you haven’t figured out the answer to this question already, here you can find the answer.
Our website’s vulnerability can harm our customers too. If your website is not protected at all times, you are risking leaking your customers’ information. Or even some of your information as well. This is extremely dangerous and it can lead to a lot more trouble than you might expect. Your website can go down because of malware and slow down your business that way. If you want people to trust your business, you need to have a trustworthy website. And a trustworthy website is a website that works properly and is safe.
When you have a good website protection tool by your side, you won’t have to worry too much. Especially if you choose to purchase one of these. These tools are recommended by many professionals as well as business owners who use them to protect their companies websites. Even programmers trust these tools and rely on them to a certain extent and you should too.


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