Slack Is About To Go Public In 2019!

One of the most popular workplace collaboration businesses, Slack has announced to go public in 2019, but still there is some twist! Slack has filed to go public via a direct-listing and is not considering the traditional IPO. Rather than using an underwriter, existing shareholders of Slack will sell their stock to investers. The same strategy was preferred by music streaming company Spotify in U.S.

Direct listing may be a risky move if the company could not generate sufficient invester interest on it’s own. According to Slack team, 28 billion dollars of market opportunity is available for Slack along with other collaboration softwares. Company is planning to grow through strategies like direct filing. Recently, Slack has more than 10-million active daily users.

At this moment, there are many project management tools available, but one of the most popular tools is Slack. What causes Slack to become such an outstanding tools is it’s unique and distinct features. Slack was launched in August 2013. Today, it has become a must-to-use tool for project management.

Slack provides user-friendly interface for collaboration. In Slack, you can create different teams for different projects. Within each team, different number of channels can be created as per project requirement, which simplifies the project management. Slack provides deep integration with powerful tools like Trello, Asana, Jira and Blossom. Applications like Dropbox, Google-Drive, Github can be easily linked with Slack making it a full-fledged project management software. Slack provides the facility of reminders. Just set the reminder, and Slack takes the responsibility of reminding you on time. Task management feature of Slack allows you to keep track of your tasks so that management becomes easy. Slack acts as a central hub for sharing, messaging and collaborating, so that you can better perform your work.


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