Top Payment Apps of 2019


Transactions have evolved along with technology. The physical forms of currency are losing popularity as digital transactions become easier by the day. Payment applications on smartphones have contributed significantly to the ease of transactions, allowing you to transfer money directly from your bank accounts with just a few taps on your smartphone.

These payment apps have many advantages other than just allowing quick transactions. They can help you track your spending, incorporate credit and debit card details and a lot more. They are also considered safer than carrying valuables around in your pocket. Here some of the best payment applications out there that you should definitely give a go.

Paypal One-touch

PayPal has been around for a long time. Quite a few agencies have rated the PayPal app to be the best payment application available. This application is so popular that most online vendors have a separate Paypal payment option at checkout.


The application is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. There is no fee for transfer between PayPal accounts. There is a small fee for sending money to a person without a Paypal account. Also, international transfers are nominally charged. The maximum transfer limits are generous: 5,000 USD per transfer and 15,000 USD per month.

This app is ideal for those looking to transfer large amounts safely and securely for minimal fees.

Apple Pay

The application is available as a default application in iPhone model 6 onwards. It allows you to store more than 10 debit or credit card details, as well as IDs. This application has the potential to eliminate your wallet as it can store every essential.

This app allows online purchases, person to person transfers, e-wallet facility and transactions through credit cards. It allows 3,000 USD per transfer and 10,000 USD per week. It holds up to 20,000 USD in its e-wallet, in the form of Apple cash. It charges a 3 % fee for transfers in conjunction with a credit card.

apple pay

Apple Pay uses a secure, device-specific number to authenticate payments. This protects your card details. This app is perhaps the best choice for Apple users.

Google Pay

This app is an application developed by Google in integration with the Android ecosystem. It works seamlessly on all Android devices. Regardless, it is also available on iOS platforms. It has a superb yet simple user interface that makes it extremely friendly to use. It can also be linked to a PayPal account.

Google pay can be linked to debit cards. It allows a maximum of 9,999 USD in a single transfer and 10,000 USD per week. The best part about this application is that it charges no fee on any transaction of any kind.

Google Pay

Google Pay has multiple layers of protection. It does not use your real card details during transactions. Instead, it uses an encrypted six digit number to authenticate transactions. This way, card details are never revealed. However, Google Pay does not allow you to link credit cards. This application is perhaps the best choice for Android users.

Square Cash

This app is available on iOS as well as Android platforms. It works for both person to person transfers and online purchases. It allows direct bank transfer as well as supports the e-wallet feature. A unique feature of Square Cash is that it allows you to buy or sell Bitcoins.

Square Cash

Square Cash can be linked to debit and credit cards. It initially allows 250 USD per transfer, which can be increased up to 2,500 USD. Transactions are free. However, a 3% fee will be charged for transactions in conjunction with credit cards.

Square cash protects your payments through touch id, face id or passwords. The employ a PCI-DSS level 1 encryption system that keeps all transactions secure. You can easily disable linked cards through Square Cash app. It is a great option for sending small amounts of money.


Venmo is deeply integrated with PayPal. Although it is popular for person to person transfers, it works on online platforms in integration with the PayPal option.  It has great features to track your spending.

It is available on iOS as well as Android platforms. It supports direct transfers as well as the e-wallet feature. Initially, the transfer limit is 299.99 USD. However, it can be extended up to 2,999.99 USD per transfer. Transaction in conjunction with credit cards is charged with a 3% fee. Also, a 0.25 dollar fee is charged while transferring the funds in the Venmo wallet.


Venmo has multi-factor authentication and encryption layers to secure the payments. In case you misplace your device, you can go to and end the session, signing you out of the app. It is a good option for transactions involving small amounts of money.

Samsung Pay

This app can only installed on Samsung devices. It does not allow person to person transfers. It allows only business transactions. The unique feature here is that it works at any store that takes cards with magnetic strips. It also stores all credit and debit cards. This makes it an excellent option for personal shopping.

samsung pay

There are no limits to transfers from Samsung Pay. Also, all transactions are free. The security os implemented by Samsung Knox. It creates random encrypted numbers to protect the details of cards and bank accounts. It is a good application for Samsung users.

Circle Pay

Circle Pay allows direct bank transfers. It is available on both iOs and Android platforms. The unique feature here is that it allows the international transfer of money and conversions to different currencies as well.

circle pay

The application itself is completely free. There are no markups during conversions. However, there may be some charges levied by your bank on international transfers. The maximum limit is 400 USD per week but can be raised up to 3,000 USD.

Payments are protected by face ids, touch ids or passwords. This app is ideal for international payments.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger allows you to integrate the online payment experience with chatting. You have to link your debit card details with Facebook in order to avail this facility. You can send money to anyone who is on Facebook.

facebook messenge

It is available on iOS and Android platforms. However, a Facebook account is necessary to use this app. The transfer limits have not been disclosed yet. Facebook messenger allows transfers only through debit cards or PayPal accounts. The transfers are free of cost.

It is a great option for those who wish to integrate payments with Facebook.


Zelle is primarily used for person to person transfer. It does not facilitate purchases. Also, it is limited to the U.S. However, an advantage of this application is that you can send or receive funds simply through email IDs or phone numbers.


Zelle is sometimes offered by banks and credit unions, in which case, you can operate it from your bank’s website. You have no need for the app. However, if it is not offered, you must download the app. It is available both on iOS and Android. The transfer limits generally depend on your bank or credit union. Zelle charges no fees whatsoever.

Zelle has a variety of monitoring and security features in order to ensure the safety of the transactions. This is a great choice for those who are members of credit unions.

As we transition towards a cashless society, payment apps gain significance. It is important to consider all the features offered by each app before choosing one. For example, the payment limits, fees charged and compatibility may have a telling effect on the user experience. Therefore, you must select an app that matches perfectly with your requirements.The above summary will definitely help users to choose between the multitude of options available in the market.


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