Wire Calculators

Electrical Wire Size Calculator

Wire Calculators are useful for various calculations related to electrical circuits for checking  wire resistance, voltage drop and many other technical terms.

Features Of Wire Calculators

  • Wire Calculators are easy-to-use calculators.
  • These calculators produce quick and immediate results.
  • For using Wire Calculators, no external software is required to be downloaded. You just enter necessary values and get the output.
  • Wire Calculators are beneficial for students, professionals like electricians, electrical engineers for estimating various electrical entities.
  • Manual calculations may lead to errors and is a very tedious job. Using this Wire Calculator may help you with complex calculations to be solved in a very easy way.
  • Wire Calculators  are user-friendly, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use.
  • Different Wire Calculators can be used for different purposes like Voltage Drop Calculator is used to calculate voltage drop, percentage voltage drop. Wire Gauge Calculator is used for calculating wire size like diameter, cross-sectional area, resistivity of a wire.
  • Wire Calculators allow users to select different types of wire like Copper, Silver, Gold, Aluminium, Nichel, Nichrome, Carbon Steel, Electrical steel etc. You may select any type of wire as per requirement.
  • These calculators produce result in very less time. You can save your time with the help of  Wire Calculator. Use this calculator and get rid of time consuming calculations.
  • Whether indoors or outdoors, proper wire and cable installation is of vital importance, ensuring a smooth electricity supply, as well as passing electrical inspections. Each wire and cable needs to be installed carefully, from the fuse box to the outlets, fixtures and appliances. In this situation, Wire Calculator is a must-to-use tool.