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How this Calculator Works?
To use this centimeter to feet conversion calculator, simply enter centimeter value and click on the convert button. It will display results with feet and inch output in a single click followed by all conversion steps.

A centimeter is the International System of Units (SI) of length in, the current form of the metric system. It is defined as 1/100 meters. Unit For centimeter cm.

Feet (symbol: ft) is a unit of length in the imperial and US customary systems of measurement. A foot was defined as exactly 0.3048 meters in 1959. One foot contains 12 inches, and one yard is comprised of three feet.

How to Convert Centimeter to Feet
1 cm = 0.032808399 ft
1 ft = 30.48 cm

Example: convert 15 cm to ft:
15 cm = 15 × 0.032808399 ft = 0.4921259843 ft

CM to Feet

In our day to day life we tend to do tons of things right from having dinner to going to college/ school to get an education. To do these things we travel a certain distance or to be correct we cover a certain distance. Now as students we come across many problems or activity which involves the term ‘LENGTH’.

Length is used to measure up many things such as length of walls, the building, the height of a person, and many more. For this we have certain terms which we use to denote the unit of length. Well of course there are ‘meters’ but apart from that, we have other units too which are also used in various applications and are just as important as the meter.

Let’s look into some of the units which we use for length.


  • What is centimeter? Unit of length,
  • The term as a whole consists of two separate terms viz. Cent and meter.
  • Now most of us are very well versed with these terms. Cent is 1/100 of a meter or as a matter of fact, it is 1/100th term for most of the things,
  • For example DOLLAR, Cent is 1/100th of a dollar. And I don’t think I need to explain the term ‘meter’.
  • Meter is the SI unit of length. SI is the abbreviation for ‘Système international’ which is a French term.

In elementary school the scales we use, are of centimeters units. As we grow up centimeter is still stuck with us. High school or colleges uses the unit of the meter in mathematic problems or engineering drawing for that matter but to draw them out on the sheets with units of the meter is a massive and hectic task. So what we do is we convert centimeters to meters. So yes centimeter is just as important as any other unit for length even though it is 1/100th of a meter.


  • Another unit for length is feet.
  • Feet has great historical recognition as it was used by Romans, Greek, Chinese, French, and English.
  • Some of you might have a question, is this feet the same as the feet of human anatomy? Then yes, yes it is the same feet we are talking of both unit wise and human feet type.
  • So as history goes, ‘feet’ is a sort of barter system used by traders mostly. Not the ‘feet’ is supposed to be of the white male with 15% of his body length. Since it varied with different land and different region much later in 1959 the agreement came up which specifically stated the guidelines for what feet should be.
  • The most common example where we definitely use feet as a unit for length is in measuring height.
  • As all units are equal to some numeric value to its SI unit, similarly feet is also equal to meters. So 3.2 feet when added together make one whole meter. Feet is always abbreviated to Ft. for ease.


The given below is the equation that helps to convert centimeter to feet.
1 cm= 0.032 feet

The above relationship is pretty simple to follow up and the conversions are also simple, one can do it without the need of using a calculator.

Is the conversion necessary?

This totally depends on the user if they want to convert the centimeter to feet. For different applications it might be necessary to convert it to feet. For example, if the height of a person is measured in centimeters but since the general unit used for height is feet, then definitely there is a need for the conversion. But other than that it totally differs from understandability of person to person.

Fun Fact About Feet

As we use meter or centimeter in our daily interaction with measuring the length of any kind. Similarly, U.S.A is a country where they use feet in their day to day life. Now the question arises- WHY? This is because people there are more familiar with the term ‘feet’ rather than meter or centimeter. For them meter is less interactive with daily objects. However, under ‘The Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness act of 1988’, U.S is required to use the metric system for trade and commerce.

Also, Get educated with the – Feet to cm

Table – Convert cm to feet

1 cm to feet0.0328 feet
1.50 cm to feet0.0492 feet
1.52 cm to feet0.0498 feet
1.55 cm to feet0.0508 feet
1.56 cm to feet0.0511 feet
1.67 cm to feet0.0547 feet
1.76 cm to feet0.0547 feet
1.80 cm to feet0.0590 feet
1.81 cm to feet0.0593 feet
1.82 cm to feet0.0597 feet
2 cm to feet0.0656 feet
3 cm to feet0.0984 feet
4 cm to feet0.1312 feet
5 cm to feet0.1640 feet
6 cm to feet0.1969 feet
7 cm to feet0.2297 feet
8 cm to feet0.2625 feet
9 cm to feet0.2953 feet
10 cm to feet0.3281 feet
11 cm to feet0.3609 feet
12 cm to feet0.3937 feet
13 cm to feet0.4265 feet
14 cm to feet0.4593 feet
15 cm to feet0.4921 feet
16 cm to feet0.5249 feet
17 cm to feet0.5577 feet
18 cm to feet0.5906 feet
19 cm to feet0.6234 feet
20 cm to feet0.6562 feet
21 cm to feet0.6890 feet
22 cm to feet0.7218 feet
23 cm to feet0.7546 feet
24 cm to feet0.7874 feet
25 cm to feet0.8202 feet
26 cm to feet0.8530 feet
27 cm to feet0.8858 feet
28 cm to feet0.9186 feet
29 cm to feet0.9514 feet
30 cm to feet0.9843 feet
31 cm to feet1.0171 feet
32 cm to feet1.0499 feet
33 cm to feet1.0827 feet
34 cm to feet1.1155 feet
35 cm to feet1.1483 feet
36 cm to feet1.1811 feet
37 cm to feet1.2139 feet
38 cm to feet1.2467 feet
39 cm to feet1.2795 feet
40 cm to feet1.3123 feet
41 cm to feet1.3451 feet
42 cm to feet1.3780 feet
43 cm to feet1.4108 feet
44 cm to feet1.4436 feet
45 cm to feet1.4764 feet
46 cm to feet1.5092 feet
47 cm to feet1.5420 feet
48 cm to feet1.5748 feet
49 cm to feet1.6076 feet
50 cm to feet1.6404 feet
51 cm to feet1.6732 feet
52 cm to feet1.7060 feet
53 cm to feet1.7388 feet
54 cm to feet1.7717 feet
55 cm to feet1.8045 feet
56 cm to feet1.8373 feet
57 cm to feet1.8701 feet
58 cm to feet1.9029 feet
59 cm to feet1.9357 feet
60 cm to feet1.9685 feet
61 cm to feet2.0013 feet
62 cm to feet2.0341 feet
63 cm to feet2.0669 feet
64 cm to feet2.0997 feet
65 cm to feet2.1325 feet
66 cm to feet2.1654 feet
67 cm to feet2.1982 feet
68 cm to feet2.2310 feet
69 cm to feet2.2638 feet
70 cm to feet2.2966 feet
71 cm to feet2.3294 feet
72 cm to feet2.3622 feet
73 cm to feet2.3950 feet
74 cm to feet2.4278 feet
75 cm to feet2.4606 feet
76 cm to feet2.4934 feet
77 cm to feet2.5262 feet
78 cm to feet2.5591 feet
79 cm to feet2.5919 feet
80 cm to feet2.6247 feet
81 cm to feet2.6575 feet
82 cm to feet2.6903 feet
83 cm to feet2.7231 feet
84 cm to feet2.7559 feet
85 cm to feet2.7887 feet
86 cm to feet2.8215 feet
87 cm to feet2.8543 feet
88 cm to feet2.8871 feet
89 cm to feet2.9199 feet
90 cm to feet2.9528 feet
91 cm to feet2.9856 feet
92 cm to feet3.0184 feet
93 cm to feet3.0512 feet
94 cm to feet3.0840 feet
95 cm to feet3.1168 feet
96 cm to feet3.1496 feet
97 cm to feet3.1824 feet
98 cm to feet3.2152 feet
99 cm to feet3.2480 feet
100 cm to feet3.2808 feet
101 cm to feet3.3136 feet
102 cm to feet3.3465 feet
103 cm to feet3.3793 feet
104 cm to feet3.4121 feet
105 cm to feet3.4449 feet
106 cm to feet3.4777 feet
107 cm to feet3.5105 feet
108 cm to feet3.5433 feet
109 cm to feet3.5761 feet
110 cm to feet3.6089 feet
111 cm to feet3.6417 feet
112 cm to feet3.6745 feet
113 cm to feet3.7073 feet
114 cm to feet3.7402 feet
115 cm to feet3.7730 feet
116 cm to feet3.8058 feet
117 cm to feet3.8386 feet
118 cm to feet3.8714 feet
119 cm to feet3.9042 feet
120 cm to feet3.9370 feet
121 cm to feet3.9698 feet
122 cm to feet4.0026 feet
123 cm to feet4.0354 feet
124 cm to feet4.0682 feet
125 cm to feet4.1010 feet
126 cm to feet4.1339 feet
127 cm to feet4.1667 feet
128 cm to feet4.1995 feet
129 cm to feet4.2323 feet
130 cm to feet4.2651 feet
131 cm to feet4.2979 feet
132 cm to feet4.3307 feet
133 cm to feet4.3635 feet
134 cm to feet4.3963 feet
135 cm to feet4.4291 feet
136 cm to feet4.4619 feet
137 cm to feet4.4948 feet
138 cm to feet4.5276 feet
139 cm to feet4.5604 feet
140 cm to feet4.5932 feet
141 cm to feet4.6260 feet
142 cm to feet4.6588 feet
143 cm to feet4.6916 feet
144 cm to feet4.7244 feet
145 cm to feet4.7572 feet
146 cm to feet4.7900 feet
147 cm to feet4.8228 feet
148 cm to feet4.8556 feet
149 cm to feet4.8885 feet
150 cm to feet4.9213 feet
151 cm to feet4.9541 feet
152 cm to feet4.9869 feet
153 cm to feet5.0197 feet
154 cm to feet5.0525 feet
155 cm to feet5.0853 feet
156 cm to feet5.1181 feet
157 cm to feet5.1509 feet
158 cm to feet5.1837 feet
159 cm to feet5.2165 feet
160 cm to feet5.2493 feet
161 cm to feet5.2822 feet
162 cm to feet5.3150 feet
163 cm to feet5.3478 feet
164 cm to feet5.3806 feet
165 cm to feet5.4134 feet
166 cm to feet5.4462 feet
167 cm to feet5.4790 feet
168 cm to feet5.5118 feet
169 cm to feet5.5446 feet
170 cm to feet5.5774 feet
171 cm to feet5.6102 feet
172 cm to feet5.6430 feet
173 cm to feet5.6759 feet
174 cm to feet5.7087 feet
175 cm to feet5.7415 feet
176 cm to feet5.7743 feet
177 cm to feet5.8071 feet
178 cm to feet5.8399 feet
179 cm to feet5.8727 feet
180 cm to feet5.9055 feet
181 cm to feet5.9383 feet
182 cm to feet5.9711 feet
183 cm to feet6.0039 feet
184 cm to feet6.0367 feet
185 cm to feet6.0696 feet
186 cm to feet6.1024 feet
187 cm to feet6.1352 feet
188 cm to feet6.1680 feet
189 cm to feet6.2008 feet
190 cm to feet6.2336 feet
191 cm to feet6.2664 feet
192 cm to feet6.2992 feet
193 cm to feet6.3320 feet
194 cm to feet6.3648 feet
195 cm to feet6.3976 feet
196 cm to feet6.4304 feet
197 cm to feet6.4633 feet
198 cm to feet6.4961 feet
199 cm to feet6.5289 feet
200 cm to feet6.5617 feet
201 cm to feet6.5945 feet
202 cm to feet6.6273 feet
203 cm to feet6.6601 feet
204 cm to feet6.6929 feet
205 cm to feet6.7257 feet
206 cm to feet6.7585 feet
207 cm to feet6.7913 feet
208 cm to feet6.8241 feet
209 cm to feet6.8570 feet
210 cm to feet6.8898 feet
211 cm to feet6.9226 feet
212 cm to feet6.9554 feet
213 cm to feet6.9882 feet
214 cm to feet7.0210 feet
215 cm to feet7.0538 feet
216 cm to feet7.0866 feet
217 cm to feet7.1194 feet
218 cm to feet7.1522 feet
219 cm to feet7.1850 feet
220 cm to feet7.2178 feet
221 cm to feet7.2507 feet
222 cm to feet7.2835 feet
223 cm to feet7.3163 feet
224 cm to feet7.3491 feet
225 cm to feet7.3819 feet
226 cm to feet7.4147 feet
227 cm to feet7.4475 feet
228 cm to feet7.4803 feet
229 cm to feet7.5131 feet
230 cm to feet7.5459 feet
231 cm to feet7.5787 feet
232 cm to feet7.6115 feet
233 cm to feet7.6444 feet
234 cm to feet7.6772 feet
235 cm to feet7.7100 feet
236 cm to feet7.7428 feet
237 cm to feet7.7756 feet
238 cm to feet7.8084 feet
239 cm to feet7.8412 feet
240 cm to feet7.8740 feet
241 cm to feet7.9068 feet
242 cm to feet7.9396 feet
243 cm to feet7.9724 feet
244 cm to feet8.0052 feet
245 cm to feet8.0381 feet
246 cm to feet8.0709 feet
247 cm to feet8.1037 feet
248 cm to feet8.1365 feet
249 cm to feet8.1693 feet
250 cm to feet8.2021 feet
251 cm to feet8.2349 feet
255 cm to feet8.3661 feet
260 cm to feet8.5301 feet
270 cm to feet8.8582 feet
274 cm to feet8.9895 feet
280 cm to feet9.1863 feet
290 cm to feet9.5144 feet
300 cm to feet9.8425 feet
305 cm to feet10.0065 feet
310 cm to feet10.1706 feet
320 cm to feet10.4986 feet
330 cm to feet10.8267 feet
333 cm to feet10.9251 feet
340 cm to feet11.1548 feet
350 cm to feet11.4829 feet
360 cm to feet11.8110 feet
366 cm to feet12.0078 feet
370 cm to feet12.1391 feet
420 cm to feet13.7795 feet
480 cm to feet15.7480 feet
500 cm to feet16.4041 feet
800 cm to feet26.2467 feet
900 cm to feet29.5275 feet
1000 cm to feet32.8083 feet
1500 cm to feet49.2125 feet
111.8 cm to feet3.6679 feet
138.4 cm to feet4.5406 feet
149.86 cm to feet4.9166 feet
152.4 cm to feet5 feet
154.9 cm to feet5.0820 feet
154.94 cm to feet5.0833 feet
157.48 cm to feet5.1666 feet
157.5 cm to feet5.1673 feet
158.5 cm to feet5.2001 feet
159.5 cm to feet5.2329 feet
160.02 cm to feet5.25 feet
160.5 cm to feet5.2657 feet
162.56 cm to feet5.3333 feet
162.6 cm to feet5.3346 feet
165.1 cm to feet5.4166 feet
170.5 cm to feet5.5938 feet
180.34 cm to feet5.9166 feet


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