Ppm To Percent Conversion

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Our online PPM to Percent Converter is used to convert ppm (parts-per-million) value into a %.

What is PPM (Part Per Million)

PPM, or parts-per-million, is a way of expressing very dilute concentrations of substances. Usually describes the concentration of something in water or soil. One ppm is equivalent to 1 milligram of something per liter of water (mg/l) or 1 milligram of something per kilogram soil (mg/kg).

How to convert ppm to percent

1% = 1/100
1ppm = 1/1000000
1ppm = 0.0001%
So to convert from ppm to percent, divide the ppm by 10000:
x(%) = x(ppm) / 10000

Example: find how many percent are in 300ppm.
x(%) = 500ppm / 10000 = 0.05%