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Decimal to percent conversion is a fundamental mathematical operation used in various fields such as finance, science, and everyday calculations. Understanding how to convert decimals to percents is essential for interpreting data, solving mathematical problems, and making informed decisions.

Decimals and percents are two common ways to represent numbers. A decimal is a fraction expressed in base-10 notation, while a percent is a ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. For example, 0.5 as a decimal is equal to 50% as a percent.

Methods for Decimal to Percent Conversion


0.25 as a decimal is equal to 25% as a percent.

0.75 as a decimal is equal to 75% as a percent.

0.123 as a decimal is equal to 12.3% as a percent.

Decimal to Percent Conversion Formula

The formula for converting a decimal to a percent is:

Percent = Decimal × 100