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Electron volt (eV)

It is a unit of energy. One eV is equal to the amount of energy one electron acquires by accelerating (from rest) through a potential difference of one volt. It is sometimes used as a measure of particle energies though it’s not an SI (System International) unit. The SI unit for energy is the joule. 1 eV = 1.602 x 10-19 joule.

Volts (V): It is the SI unit of Electric Potential, defined as the difference of potential between two points on a conductor carrying a constant current of one ampere when the power dissipated between the points is one watt.

Elementary charge unit: The elementary charge, usually denoted by e or sometimes qe, is the electric charge carried by a single proton or, equivalently, the magnitude of the electric charge carried by a single electron, which has charge −1 e. This elementary charge is a fundamental physical constant. e is sometimes called the elementary positive charge.

Electron-volt to volt calculator: Steps to use this simple online calculator-

  1. Enter the energy in electron-volt.
  2.  Select the charge unit type
  3. Enter the value according to the charge unit type selected above
  4. Click calculate tab to get the result. Reset tab will reset all the values for further calculation.

Conversion according to charge unit type:

eV to volts with elementary charge
The voltage V in volts (V) is up to the energy (E) in electron-volts (eV), divided by the electric charge Q in elementary charge or proton/electron charge (e):
V(V) = E(eV) / Q(e)
The elementary charge is the charge of one electron with the e symbol.
volt = electron-volt / elementary charge
V = eV / e

eV to volts to with coulombs
The voltage V in volts(V) is equal to 1.602176565×10-19 times the energy E in electron-volts (eV), divided by the electrical charge Q in coulombs (C):
V(V) = 1.602176565×10-19 × E(eV) / Q(C)
volt = 1.602176565×10-19 × electron-volt / coulomb
V = 1.602176565×10-19 × eV / C

Electron Volts To Volts Conversion

Energy  (eV) Charge type Charge (C) Volts (V)
0 Elementary charge unit 0 Nan
10 Elementary charge unit 2 5
20 Elementary charge unit 3 6.666
30 Elementary charge unit 5.5 5.454
40 Elementary charge unit 8 5
50 Elementary charge unit 11 4.545
160 Elementary charge unit 13 12.307
170 Elementary charge unit 15 11.333
180 Elementary charge unit 17 10.588
190 Elementary charge unit 25 7.6
200 Elementary charge unit 21 9.523
250 Elementary charge unit 23 10.869


Electron Volt Converter

Energy (eV) Charge type Charge (C) Volts (V)
0 Coulombs unit 0 Nan
10 Coulombs unit 2 8.01E-19
20 Coulombs unit 3 1.07E-18
30 Coulombs unit 5.5 8.74E-19
40 Coulombs unit 8 8.01E-19
50 Coulombs unit 11 7.28E-19
60 Coulombs unit 13 7.39E-19
70 Coulombs unit 17 6.60E-19
80 Coulombs unit 4 3.20E-18
90 Coulombs unit 6 2.40E-18
100 Coulombs unit 0.011 1.46E-15
110 Coulombs unit 0.25 7.05E-17

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