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How does this Calculator Work?
To use these feet to centimeter conversion calculator, simply enter a value in feet and click on the convert button. It will display results with centimeter, and also compute meter value in a single click followed by all conversion steps.

A foot (ft) is a unit of length in the imperial and US customary systems of measurement. A foot was defined as exactly 0.3048 meters in 1959.
1 ft = 12 inches
1 yard = 3 feet.

A centimeter is the International System of Units (SI) of length in, the current form of the metric system. It is defined as 1/100 meters. Unit For centimeter cm.

Foot to Centimeter
1 ft = 30.48 cm
1 cm = 0.032808399 ft

Example: Convert 15 ft to cm:
15 ft = 15 × 30.48 cm = 457.2 cm

Feet to Centimeter

Measuring length is one of the essential parts of education which can never cease to exist from education. For kids to learn about length, what better way for them to encounter different mathematical problems which aim at giving all sorts of understanding of the length. To measure length we use different kinds of units. Also if you think about it, length can be considered a small part of the distance. I don’t want to explain further but try giving it a thought! But then one might ask, why are there different units of distance and length? And the answer is they are no different, every unit is interconnected to others with simple conversions of course.

Let us take a look into some of the units of length-


  • The unit for length is feet, frequently used by Americans.
  • Romans, Greeks, and many other known nations were known to have used feet as the regular unit for length during their time.
  • Feet or foot as some may call it has their origins to the human body. No harm in saying that it was sort of a barter system when it came into existence.
  • As time progressed the usage of feet/foot became more refined and came closer to precision. The early people settled on feet. So as history goes, ‘feet’ is % of the body length. But since it varied with different land and different region much later in 1959 the agreement came up which specifically stated the guidelines for what feet should be.
  • In our day-to-day life, the most common example that all can relate to is when we measure our height it is done in feet as the unit of length. All units are equal to some numeric value to their SI unit, similarly, feet are also equal to meters.
  • 3.2 parts of feet is equal to 1 part of a meter.
  • When we use feet we use its symbol of ‘ft’, just as we do with the other units and their symbols.


  • Another generalized unit of length.
  • Made of CENT and METER, is a simple term and most of us by now can get how the term was coined.
  • Now most of us are very well versed with these terms. Cent is 1/100 of a meter or it is 1/100th term for most of the things
  • The best example can be of example DOLLAR. Cent is 1/100th of a dollar
  • Meter is the SI unit of length. SI is the abbreviation for ‘Système international’ which is a French term.

Growing up learning math and getting to know about lengths and distances was really fun for all of us since we do actually use it in our daily life. The rule or scales we use in middle and high school are in centimeters. I agree it changes as we go to college but even so there is a need to convert meters or other units back into centimeters as it then makes it easy for users to draw on paper or drawing sheets for that matter. All this is evidence that a centimeter is just an import unit for length even though it is 1/100th of a meter.

How to Convert Feet to Centimeter

The given equation will help you to easily convert from the numerical value of feet to centimeters. 1 foot = 30.48 cm

  • The conversion is very simple and easy to follow up.
  • Simply multiply the numeric value of centimeter which you got as an answer by 30.48
  • The final answer obtained is the value of the length in feet

Is the conversion necessary?

Our education system follows the metric system where we use meters in everything. But other than that the most common unit for length is a centimeter. So yes there is a need to convert from feet to the centimeter. We can observe this in our secondary school where we come across many numerical problems involving the units if feet but still at the end of the solution we have to convert the value to centimeter unit as it is the most commonly followed unit after meter of course.

Facts about Centimeter

  • The centimeter is the hundredth of the meter.
  • Used to measure things that are too big for a millimeter(mm) and to small for a meter(m)
  • Base unit in centimeter-gram-seconds (CGS) system
  • The term was coined in the early 19th century in 1801
  • The average pinky finger is 1.27 cm wide.

For more fun facts and conversion visit centimeter to feet

Convert Feet To Centimeter

Feet (ft) Centimeter (cm)
1 foot to centimeters 30.48 cm
2 feet to centimeters 60.96 cm
3 feet to centimeters 91.44 cm
4 feet to centimeters 121.92 cm
5 feet to centimeters 152.4 cm
6 feet to centimeters 182.88 cm
7 feet to centimeters 213.36 cm
8 feet to centimeters 243.84 cm
9 feet to centimeters 274.32 cm
10 feet to centimeters 304.8 cm
11 feet to centimeters 335.28 cm
12 feet to centimeters 365.76 cm
13 feet to centimeters 396.24 cm
14 feet to centimeters 426.72 cm
15 feet to centimeters 457.2 cm
16 feet to centimeters 487.68 cm
17 feet to centimeters 518.16 cm
18 feet to centimeters 548.64 cm
19 feet to centimeters 579.12 cm
20 feet to centimeters 609.6 cm
21 feet to centimeters 640.08 cm
22 feet to centimeters 670.56 cm
100 feet to centimeters 3048 cm
1000 feet to centimeters 30480 cm
10000 feet to centimeters 304800 cm
100000 feet to centimeters 3048000 cm