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Kw to Hp Calculator

Horsepower Conversion

Horsepower and kilowatt both are the units of power. Under certain circumstances, it may be required to convert horsepower to kilowatts. In such situations, our free online Hp to Kw Calculator proves very beneficial to everyone.

This calculator can easily calculate the power of your vehicle in kilowatts in a very efficient and convenient way!

Horsepower: Horsepower (hp) is a unit of measure of power, or the rate at which work is done.

Mechanical Horsepower: Mechanical HP is commonly used to measure the output of engines and motors. One mechanical horsepower is equal to 745.69987158227022 watts.

Electrical Horsepower: Electrical horse power means the power is derived by electricity and it is a misnomer to use. The HP used for electrical machines is  746 W.

Metric Horsepower: One Metric horse power is equal to 746 Watts and.

Kilowatts: The kW is equal to one thousand watts. This unit is  the output power of engines and also the power of electrical motors, tools, machines, and heaters. It is additionally a standard unit of  the electromagnetic power output of broadcast radio and tv transmitters.

Convert kilowatts to horsepower

You can simply convert horsepower to kilowatts using following simple steps:
• Select horsepower unit type.(Either mechanical, electrical or metric)
• Enter value for the horsepower.
• Click on the Convert button to get result in kilowatts.
• If you click on the Reset button, all the values will be reset and you can enter new values.
• When you click on Swap button, you will be redirected to Kw to Hp Calculator.
Using these simple steps, you can easily convert horsepower to kilowatts.

Convert hp to kw

Different horsepower units can be converted to kilowatts in different ways. Following are the ways to convert horsepower to kilowatts
1.Conversion of mechanical horsepower to kilowatts:
Mechanical horsepower can be converted to kilowatts using following formula-
1 hp(I) = 0.745699872 kW

2.Conversion of electrical horsepower to kilowatts:
Electrical horsepower can be converted to kilowatts using following formula-
1 hp(E) = 746 W = 0.746 kW

3.Conversion of metric horsepower to kilowatts:
Metric horsepower can be converted to kilowatts using following formula-
1 hp(M) = 735.49875 W = 0.73549875 kW
This Hp to Kw Calculator easily converts horsepower to kilowatts within few seconds!

Horsepower to kW

Horse PowerMechanical HP to kWElectrical HP to kWMetric HP to kW
1 hp to kw0.7456998720.7460.73549875
1.5 hp to kw1.1185498081.1191.103248125
2 hp to kw1.4913997441.4921.4709975
4 hp to kw2.9827994882.9832.941995
5 hp to kw3.728499363.7293.67749375
6 hp to kw4.4741992324.4754.4129925
7.5 hp to kw5.592749045.5935.516240625
10 hp to kw7.456998727.4577.3549875
12 hp to kw8.9483984648.9498.825985
15 hp to kw11.1854980811.1911.03248125
20 hp to kw14.9139974414.9214.709975
30 hp to kw22.3709961622.3822.0649625
40 hp in kw29.8279948829.8329.41995
100 hp to kw74.569987274.5773.549875
125 hp to kw93.21248493.2291.93734375
150 hp to kw111.8549808111.9110.3248125
200 hp to kw149.1399744149.2147.09975
250 hp to kw186.424968186.5183.8746875
300 hp to kw223.7099616223.8220.649625
350 hp to kw260.9949552261.1257.4245625
400 hp to kw298.2799488298.3294.1995
450 hp to kw335.5649424335.3330.9744375
550 hp to kw410.1349296410.3404.5243125
600 hp to kw447.4199232447.6441.29925
800 hp to kw596.5598976596.8588.399