IMAGE to BASE64 Conversion

Image To Base-64 Converter is a tool which transforms your image into encoded string. These Base-64 encoded images are transferred over media so that the quality of original images is maintained.

Base-64 is a collection of related encoding designs. It converts binary information in ASCII(American Standard Code for Information Interchange) format by converting it into base-64 format.

One of the most important reasons of using these base-64 encoded images into webpages is that, webpages using such encoded images load faster.The main benefit is that, a webpage does not have to load an external image which results in faster loading of a webpage.

Features of Image to Base-64 Converter


  • It quickly converts Images into base-64 format.
  • Along with base-64 format, it provides you html code as well as css code.
  • Base-64 encoded images can be safely transferred over media without loss of quality.


Base-64 Encoding Index Table:

base-64 index