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Joules (J): Joules are the bedrock of energy measurement in the International System of Units (SI). They quantify the work done when a force of one Newton acts on an object moving one meter.

Moreover, a single joule represents the energy dissipated as heat when an electrical current of 1 ampere flows through a 1-ohm resistance for one second.

Watts (W): Watts, a derived unit, are equivalent to one joule per second. They measure the rate at which energy is transferred or used.

Watts combine amperes (amps) and volts, offering insight into the power and output of an electrical device. Higher wattage signifies more energy being released or utilized.

Joules to Watts Calculator

1. Enter Energy in Joules. Start by inputting the energy amount in joules.

2. Enter Time in Seconds. Specify the time period in seconds during which the energy is consumed.

3. Calculate the Result. Click the "Calculate" button to instantly obtain the power in watts.

4. Reset for Further Calculations. Clear input fields and results for additional calculations with the "Reset" button.

Mathematical Representation

Power (P) in Watts (W), Energy (E) in Joules (J), and Time (t) in Seconds (s)

The relationship is expressed as follows:


Joules to Watts Calculation Example

Let's put theory into practice with an example. If an electrical circuit consumes 100 joules of energy in 10 seconds, the power consumption can be found using our calculator:

P(W) = 100(J) / 10(s) = 10 watts

This information is pivotal for optimizing energy usage and understanding the performance of electrical devices.

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