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Convert Joules to Watts

Joules (J)

Joule (J) is the unit of energy which is used by International Standard of Units (SI). It is defined as the amount of work done by a force of one Newton acting on an object that moves over a distance of one meter. It is additionally the energy dissipated as heat when an electrical current of 1 ampere passes through a resistance of 1 ohm for one second.

Watts (W)

It is defined as a derived unit of 1 joule per second, and is used to quantify the rate of energy transfer. Watts is a combination of amps and volts. Watts is a measurement of the amount of energy being released. The higher the wattage, the more is the power and output from the appliance.

Joules to Watts Calculator

It is a simple online calculator which converts joules to watts. You have to follow certain steps to carry out calculation.
1) Enter the energy in Joules.
2) Enter Time in Seconds.
3) Click on the calculate tab for the result.
4) For further calculation, click on reset.
For more details, check out the video at the end.

Mathematical Representation:
The power (P) in watts (W) is the energy (E) in joules (J), divided by the time t in seconds (s):
P(W) = E(J) / t(s)
watt = joule / second
W = J / s

Joules To Watts Conversion

Energy in Joules (J)Time in secondsPower in watts (W)
1 joule to watt100.1
10 joules to watts150.66
60 joules to watts203
100 joules to watts254
150 joules to watts305
200 joules to watts355.71
300 joules to watts407.5
600 joules to watts4513.33
1000 joules to watts5020
1500 joules to watts5527.27
1800 joules to watts6030