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Convert HP to KW

Convert kw to hp

Kilowatts – The kW is equal to one thousand watts. This unit is the output power of engines and also the power of electrical motors, tools, machines, and heaters. It is additionally a standard unit of the electromagnetic power output of broadcast radios and tv transmitters.

Horsepower – Horsepower (hp) is a unit of measure of power, or the rate at which work is done.

What is Metric Horsepower?
One Metric horse power is equal to 746 Watts and.

What Is Electrical Horsepower?
Electrical horse power means the power is derived by electricity and it is a misnomer to use. The HP used for electrical machines is 746 W.

What is Mechanical Horsepower?
Mechanical HP is commonly used to measure the output of engines and motors. One mechanical horsepower is equal to 745.69987158227022 watts.

How to use Kw to Hp Calculator

  • Enter power in kilowatts.
  • Click on Convert button.
  • You will get result in mechanical horsepower, electrical horsepower and metric horsepower.

Kilowatts to horsepower

Kilowatts to mechanic horsepower Conversion
P(hp) = P(kW) / 0.745699872

Kilowatts to metric horsepower Conversion
P(hp) = P(kW) / 0.73549875

Kilowatts to electrical horsepower Conversion
P(hp) = P(kW) / 0.746

It will helps you to get rid-of complex calculations and gives perfect and quick results within a few seconds.

Kilowatt to HP

KilowattMechanical kWElectrical kWMetric kW
1.5 kw to hp2.0115331332.0107238612.039432426
7.5 kw to hp10.0576656710.053619310.19716213
11 kw to hp14.7512429814.7453083114.95583779
15 kw to hp20.1153313320.1072386120.39432426
25 kw to hp33.5255522233.5120643433.99054043
30 kw to hp40.2306626740.2144772140.78864852
35 kw to hp46.9357731146.9168900847.58675661
45 kw to hp60.34599460.3217158261.18297278
50 kw to hp67.0511044467.0241286967.98108087
70 kw to hp93.8715462293.8337801695.17351321
75 kw to hp100.5766567100.536193101.9716213
80 kw to hp107.2817671107.2386059108.7697294
90 kw to hp120.691988120.6434316122.3659456
99.8 kw to hp133.8340045133.7801609135.6902374
110 kw to hp147.5124298147.4530831149.5583779
120 kw to hp160.9226507160.8579089163.1545941
125 kw to hp167.6277611167.5603217169.9527022
132 kw to hp177.0149157176.9436997179.4700535
135 kw to hp181.037982180.9651475183.5489183
140 kw to hp187.7430924187.6675603190.3470264
150 kw to hp201.1533133201.0723861203.9432426
160 kw to hp214.5635342214.4772118217.5394588
180 kw to hp241.383976241.2868633244.7318911
200 kw to hp268.2044178268.0965148271.9243235
260 kw to hp348.6657431348.5254692353.5016205
350 kw to hp469.3577311469.1689008475.8675661

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