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Watts To Lumens Calculator

Lumen – Lumen is the SI unit of luminous flux. It is a measure of the total amount of visible light from a lamp or light source.

Watt – Watt is the unit of power. Power of 1 Watt is the product of current of 1 Ampere and voltage of 1 Volt.

How to Use Lumens To Watts Calculator ?

Enter the luminous flux in Lumens.
Select the source of light. E.g: Halogen Lamp, LED Lamp.
Click on the calculate button, you will get power in Watts.

Lumens To Watts Conversion

P(W) = ΦV(lm) / η(lm/W)

P(W)  =Power in Watts
ΦV(lm) =Luminous flux in Lumens
η(lm/W)= Luminous Efficacy in Lumens per Watt.

Conversion chart
light source: LED lamp with luminous efficacy = 90 lm/W

5 lumens to watts = 0.0555 W
10 lumens to watts = 0.111 W
15 lumens to watts = 0.166 W
20 lumens to watts = 0.222 W
50 lumens to watts = 0.555 W
100 lumens to watts = 1.111 W
150 lumens to watts = 1.666 W
180 lumens to watts = 2 W
200 lumens to watts = 2.222 W
560 lumens to watts = 6.222 W
580 lumens to watts = 6.444 W
1000 lumens to watts = 11.111 W
1080 lumens to watts = 12 W
1200 lumens to watts = 13.333 W
1550 lumens to watts = 17.222 W
1680 lumens to watts = 18.666 W
2400 lumens to watts = 26.666 W
3000 lumens to watts = 33.333 W
3750 lumens to watts = 41.666 W
4000 lumens to watts = 44.444 W
4500 lumens to watts = 50 W
5000 lumens to watts = 55.555 W
8000 lumens to watts = 88.888 W

Learn about Lumens to Watts conversion calculator through video.

Lumens To Watts Calculator

Luminous flux (lm)Light sourceEfficacy (lm/W)Power (W)
1000Tungsten incandescent light bulb1566.66666667
1000Halogen lamp2050
1000Fluorescent lamp6016.66666667
1000LED lamp9011.11111111
1000Metal halide lamp8711.49425287
1000High pressure sodium vapor lamp1178.547008547
1000Low pressure sodium vapor lamp1506.666666667
1000Mercury vapor lamp5020
2000Tungsten incandescent light bulb15133.3333333
3000Halogen lamp20150
4000Fluorescent lamp6066.66666667
5000LED lamp9055.55555556
6000Metal halide lamp8768.96551724
7000High pressure sodium vapor lamp11759.82905983
8000Low pressure sodium vapor lamp15053.33333333
9000Mercury vapor lamp50180

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