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Lux describes the perceived illumination of a known space.

Lumen measures how much visible light is produced by an object.

To use Lux To Lumens Calculator, follow the following steps-

  1. Enter illuminance in lux.
  2. Enter unit of area as either ft2 or m2.
  3. Enter radius of the spherical light source, or you may enter directly the surface area.
  4. Click on Calculate button, and you will get the result in lumens.

Lux To Lumens Conversion Formula

Following formula converts lux into lumens.

ΦV(lm) = 0.09290304 × Ev(lx) × A(ft2)


ΦV(lm)= Luminous flux in lumens.

Ev(lx) =Illuminance in lux.

A(ft2)= Spherical surface area.

0.09290304 is a constant value.