Metal Weight Calculator

Approx. weight in kg*
Approx. weight in lbs*
*These weights should be used for estimation purposes only. Plate weight does not allow for kerf.

Metal Weight Calculator is a simple calculator that calculates the weight of different metals. This calculator is useful to many businesses related to metal industry.

How Weight Calculator Works:

  • Select metal type.
  • Select shape of metal. (E.g. flat bar, sheet, ring, etc.)
  • Enter number of pieces.
  • Enter dimensions. (diameter and length)
  • Click on the Calculate button.

Formula to calculate weight of a metal varies according to metal shape, dimensions of metal piece and number of pieces.

After clicking on the Calculate button, weight of metal is calculated immediately.

This is a very handy calculator and you can customize it as per metal type, metal shape, and number of pieces. You can choose among different types of metals like Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, Brass, Tungsten, etc.