Percentage increase/decrease calculator

Initial amount:
Final amount:
Percentage increase/decrease:%

Initial amount:
Percentage increase/decrease: %
Absolute difference:
Final amount:

Percentage Increase/Decrease Calculator calculates the percentage increase/decrease depending on initial and final values.

Formula for percentage Increase/decrease:

Percentage Increase/Decrease= (Final value- Initial value)/Initial value *100%

If the result is negative, then it is percentage decrease and if result is positive, then it is percentage increase.

Absolute difference is calculated by :

Absolute difference= initial value * (percentage increase/decrease)/100

Percentage Increase/Decrease Calculator is useful for school/college students for their academics.

Companies can also use this calculator for calculating percentage increase/decrease in their revenue to get idea about profit/loss.

Just enter the values in the required fields and get quick results.

Use this free online calculator to get fast and accurate results!

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