PNG to PDF Converter


Many times, we come across situations, where we have to send images via email or share them online. In such situations, images in PDF format are preferred, because they can be easily stored and shared.

Our free online PNG to PDF Converter easily converts PNG images into PDF format. PNG images are larger in size, so that it becomes difficult to share them online. With this easy to use converter, you can easily convert PNG images to PDF format.

PNG images are known as portable network graphics, and often used for logo designing as they provide transparent background. Due to their properties, PNG images tend to be larger in size, compared to a JPG or GIF images which results in increased page load time. To overcome these difficulties, it is beneficial to convert them into PDF format. PDF images are easy to store and share.

Features of PNG to PDF Converter

Our PNG to PDF Converter has following features:

  • It is a totally free converter.
  • No plugin is required to be installed for using this converter.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is time-efficient.

PNG to PDF Converter is a free online converter which converts PNG images into PDF format in a very easy manner. Just upload your PNG image and our converter will immediately convert it into PDF format! You can easily share this PDF image online.