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To determine the weight of a U-section beam, the same principles can be applied as those used for calculating the weight of an L-section beam. The key parameters needed for the calculation are the outer and inner edge dimensions.

The volume (V) of the U section is calculated using the formula:
V = A × L

Let's illustrate this with an example: consider a 1-meter-long U section with an outer edge width (X1) of 30mm (0.030m), an outer edge height (Y1) of 20mm (0.020m), inner edge width (x2) of 20mm (0.020m), and inner edge height (y2) of 15mm (0.015m).

The volume of the U section is calculated as follows:
V = [(0.030×0.020)−(0.020×0.015)] × 1 = 0.0003 m³

Now, to determine the mass of the U section, we use the formula 
mass = density × volume. Assuming a density of 7900 kg/m³, the mass is calculated as:

mass = 7900 × 0.0003 = 2.37 kg

This formula can be applied to calculate the mass of U-section beams with various dimensions, providing a versatile tool for engineering applications.