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Bar Graph Maker is free to use graph generator. A bar graph is a graphical representation of data using bars of different heights.
This graph compares various data items to show how data changes over a period of time. Due to the advantages it offers, it is mostly used in mathematics. Bar graphs are easy to represent and used for data analysis and representation in many businesses, and industries and also used for educational purposes.
How Bar Graph Maker Works:
Following are the simple steps to using Bar Graph Maker
1. Enter the graph title.
2. Enter the horizontal axis label.
3. Enter the vertical axis label.
4. Select horizontal data types. (Either data labels, data values or data range)
5. Insert data labels.
6. Select the number of bars to be displayed on the graph. (You can select up to 6 bars)
7. Insert data labels.
8. Enter bar data values.
9. You can also have a horizontal bar graph also.
After all the data is filled, you will get a bar graph generated. You can save, zoom, copy and print this graph.
This bar graph maker mainly generates two types of bar charts:
1. Vertical Bar Graph- This is the most commonly used type of bar graph. It is easy to understand.
2. Horizontal Bar Graph- This type of bar graph offers a space for more number of labels vertically.