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Pie-Chart Maker is a free online tool for pie-chart generation. Pie-chart is a circular statistical representation representing different data values. Data is represented in a simple and easy-to-read ‘pie-slice’ format.
The main use of pie-chart is in businesses for evaluation and comparison of various services and products. It is also a very useful tool for educational purposes.
Comparison of different data values is the main purpose of a pie chart. If you see at a pie chart, you can easily compare various data values and interpret the data in a simpler way.
How to use Pie-Chart Maker:
Follow these steps to use this free online Pie-Chart Maker.
1. Enter the title of the pie chart to be displayed.
2. Enter the names for data values.
3. Provide the actual data values.
4. Select slice text. (Either percentage, value, label, etc.)
5. You can select the 3-D chart by checking the checkbox.
6. After filling the data in all the fields, the desired pie chart will be generated.
This generated pie chart can be easily saved, zoomed and printed.
Whenever data shows some variations in size, a pie chart is the most suitable option for effective visual representation. Different colors used for representing different categories make pie charts visually attractive and easy to understand.