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Our Final Exam Grade Calculator tool will allow you to calculate what you need on your final exam to get a certain grade in the class/course. It will also help you to plan your study for final exams.

How to Use the Final Grade calculator?

To use this calculator, follow the following steps:

  1. Select the grade type you want to calculate (Percentage/Letter).
  2. Enter the current grade % received.
  3. Enter the grades you would like to earn for the course
  4. Enter the final grade weight % (i.e. how much % is the final worth)
  5. Grade calculator will help you to calculate an approx. of final exam grade %, you will need to achieve the course %.
  • Example

The current grade is 75% (or D-).

The final exam weight is 50%.

The required grade is 80% (or B-).

  • Calculation:

The final exam grade is equal to 100% times the required grade, minus 100% minus the final exam weight (w) times the current grade (g), divided by the final exam weight (w):

Final exam grade =

= ( required grade – (100% – wcurrent grade ) / w

= ( 80% – (100% – 50%)×75% ) / 50%

= 85%

So the final exam grade should be 85% (or B).