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Character Count Online

Character counter is the free online tool for counting the number of characters in the text. It is very simple to use. Just paste the text of which you want to calculate the number of characters and you will get the number of characters in the text. You can also type the text manually in the text editor to count the number of characters.

Features of Character Counter

• 100% free tool
• Easy to use
• Time efficient
• User-friendly

Special Features

Special features are designed so that we can save our time and work, this leads to few shortcuts that prove to be very helpful. Given below are some of the special features-
1) Open file- You can open a new file before writing your text so that you can save it and use later.
2) Save file- This tab helps to directly save your file after finishing your content.
3) Select all tabs- This tab allows to select all data if you need to copy and paste the content somewhere else directly.
4) Cut- This tab directly allows to cut the content selected.
5) Copy – This tab directly allows the user to copy the selected content.
6) Spellcheck – This tab allows to check if there is any mistake in your content so that we can correct it there itself.
7) Share –This is one of the best feature where you can directly share this tool with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsup or else you can email.

Character counter is a very useful tool for school as well as college students. Even writers also require to calculate the number of characters. This tool is useful when you come across the situations where there is a character limit.