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Line Counter

A line counter is one of the best tools for counting the number of lines in a text. This is a totally free online tool for counting the number of lines.
While working, many times you came across situations where you want to find the number of lines available in your written content. It is very troublesome to count the lines one by one, especially when there are thousands of lines present or when you know that the content is too long to count the number of lines manually.
To avoid such a bothersome situation we invented this easy-to-use Line Counter. You can find out the exact number of lines present in your content by using this Calculator.
Just Input the text in a text editor to get the count of the number of lines in a sentence or paragraph.

Features of line counter

• User-friendly interface
• Time-saving
• Totally free to use
• Simple to use

How to Use?

To use this Line Counter, you just need to copy and paste your content into the box given above and see the magic.
When you copy-paste your content into the given calculator box, you will find that it will show the number of lines, a number of words, and a number of characters at the bottom of this box. You don’t have to do anything!
Who can use this?
Anyone who wants to calculate the number of lines in their content can use this Line Counter. This calculator is mostly useful for content writers, students, and professors.

Why Line Counter?

It is easy to use, user-friendly line counter, which delivers results in the blink of an eye. As this line counter is free of cost, you don’t have to pay anyone or us to calculate the number of lines in your cont