Word Counter


Word Count Tool

This online word counter is the free online tool for counting the number of words in a text. There may be some situations, where counting the number of words becomes important. In such situations, you can use word counter.
Word Counter the most essential online tool which enables you to keep a count of your text or content. Apart from counting words, it also helps with grammar detect and selection of proper words while writing content. Word counter ensures you to create a meaningful sentence with the precise formation of words. It automatically spots your grammar mistakes which leads to improvement in your writing format.
This word counter is easy to use. Just paste the text for which you have to count the number of characters, or you can even manually write the text in a text editor and you will quickly get the number of words from the text. This is a 100% free tool.

Who can use word counter?

Word counter proves beneficial for school and college students. As they have to complete their assignments limited by word count, this tool certainly helps them. Writers/bloggers may also use this tool as they may require to count the number of words in the content.Whenever you require to count the number of words in the text, you can use this free online word counter.

This tool is focused to help writers to generate valuable content in the right quantity which enhances readers to go through it. We hope our online tool will help you to use accurate words and make your content more readable.

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