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How many of you have lost the count of years, months and days since your birth? I have come across a lot of people who are still confused while telling their age. If you are born in the year 2000, this confusion might have never come your way. What about people before and after that? Let’s agree, we humans always tend to avoid such calculations. Well, to your surprise the solution is already here – the age calculator. Yes, you heard that right. One can easily calculate age from date of birth conveniently and efficiently.
Gone are the times when you had to calculate our age in your mind or your fingers, the age calculator has been particularly designed to simplify this task. You must be wondering why not use a simple calculator. The answer lies in the features of the age calculator which we will discuss later in the sections given below.

Chronological – Age from the date of Birth

Have you ever come across the word – chronological? Even if you have let’s revise the definition for those who haven’t. Well, in general English, it is an arrangement of records of several events with respect to the passage of time. What people mean when they are referring to something as chronological is that a particular event has occurred in an order relating to time and date. It is just like a sequential order of something starting with the earliest events.

We wish to explain here the term ‘chronological age’. As explained above, it is an order of events arranged under the conditions of the time. For e.g. Establishment of dates and time sequentially. It is important to understand the chronological age to understand the chronological age calculator.
In simple words, the time period an individual has spent on this planet or been alive is termed as his/her chronological age. It is the exact number of years, months and days a person has lived since his birth. The date of the birth calculator is a chronological age calculator which tells us the above information.

Difference Between chronological age and Biological age.
It is necessary to mention that the terms – chronological age and biological age are different. Don’t use these words interchangeably.
The chronological age as discussed gives you information about a human’s age in terms of years, months and days since his birth regardless of his lifestyle. However, the biological age tells you the age of a person depending upon his genetics, lifestyle, diet, sleeping habits, etc. It is often referred to as the physiological age which tells how old can be a person analyzing his/her physiology.
Both ages may not be necessarily same as there are times when an elder person by age seems very young or vice versa.

The need to calculate chronological age

Is there a question in your mind as to why are we stressing on the chronological age. Why is there a need for age difference calculator or chronological age calculator? Why the months and days are being determined as well? I am sure a lot of you have it. Well, it is completely fine to have such questions. We have the answers to all your questions.
Age is a vital aspect of our life. Several legal decisions and rights are associated with it. It determines a lot of things like when you can join the school, start voting or drinking to name a few. Therefore, one should be serious about the calculation of their age.
Other things being affected by your chronological age is human psychology. If you have been told that you have spent for e.g. 20 years on earth in comparison to 20 years, 2 months and 15 days, your mind is affected differently. Your psychological state starts being more serious and concerned about your life status. It can be in terms of health, responsibility or career. Also, you are well informed about the time you are spending when you have detailed data (years, months and days). This is where chronological age finds its existence.

The concept of chronological age is indeed interesting. What makes it more interesting is the part happening in the back end. The calculator smartly calculates and gives you results within seconds. Let us get into the process and procedure of this creative application.
Input and Output

As simple as it sounds, the calculator naturally consists of two aspects – input and output.

The input will be the information the user is expected to fill in the concerned section. In this case, it will be your date of birth. You are required to enter your date of birth correctly in the appropriate order dd/mm/yy or select from the drop down menus of dates, months and years.

This information is used to give you output or let’s say the result you are looking for. In this case, you will be getting your exact age in the format of years, months and days. You can enter any date of your choice to know the difference between that date and today.

What exactly happens?
The chronological age calculator is an application of some mathematical concepts and calculations.

Once input is entered into the calculator i.e. date of birth, the technical process involves subtraction of the date of birth from the current date (up to which age is to be measured).
The function inside the calculator takes care of this operation.
The result is then obtained in chronological order of years, months and then days. This is why the name chronological is used for this age calculator.
You can change the current date or default date as per your choice of calculation.

What else you get from a chronological age calculator?

If you were thinking that’s all from a chronological age calculator, let me stop you right there. We have made it more interesting. Let me tell you what all you can witness with the chronological age calculator.

  1. Your age in months
  2. Your age in weeks
  3. Your age in days
  4. Your age in hours
  5. Your age in minutes
  6. Your age in seconds

It is also capable of telling you about yourself. The facts that it can show you are -:

  • Number of breaths you have taken
  • Number of times your heart has beaten
  • Time spent in sleeping
  • Time spent in eating and drinking
  • Amount of food eaten
  • Number of times you have laughed
  • Time left for your next birthday

There exist several age calculators that do the above-mentioned job. You can always find it on the internet. The online age calculators are easiest to handle and work with. You just need input and good internet connectivity. Pearson chronological age calculator is one type of online age calculator. Wishing you all the luck in trying out different calculators.